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Attitude For Krav Maga And Life

by Amy Horn

Is it possible for a change in your attitude to be the one thing that takes you from a mediocre Krav Maga student into a great Krav Maga student? Let's take a look.

When we look at a task in front of us, it's common to see a trend of taking one's feeling or attitude and applying that to the task and then putting it away in its own area. For instance, I take a look at my messy closet and I instantly attach my attitude of "I have better things to do" and then refuse to organize it. But then I tell myself that I won't be the person who takes that same attitude and applies it my work or my social life. However it's still there. I still made the decision to not organize my closet because "I have better things to do." We do the same thing to other people when we see them succeed-we categorize our attitude towards their achievement as specific to that success and not just a general attitude geared towards "other's success." Am I making sense? Let me try to clarify.

We tend to look at other people succeeding at something that we find difficult and have to work extremely hard at and say to ourselves that "they're genetically geared towards athleticism" or "things always come easy for them." And then we give up on trying because, well, I'm not gifted like those other people. We use this rationale to justify walking away or admitting defeat, all the while giving ourselves this pep talk that says "It's ok self, we'll find something else to be good at." Isn't that what we see in our Krav Maga classes all the time? Why the numbers of participants fluctuate so greatly? People come into the school hoping that "this time" they've found the thing that they can excel at but then inevitably give that up, go to another school, and repeat the same cycle.

I believe that giving up is always a choice you make-it's rarely forced on you. The hard thing about giving up is that often in daily living, the consequences are negligible at best. Let's take running for instance. It's a known fact that I HATE running. It's just not something I enjoy at all and it would take an entire other post to explain why, so I won't. Anyway, the times that I do go out running, I'm in agony. Much of it is mental really, as I know my legs won't really fall off no matter how far I run. But in the moment, I just want to stop. When I do, instant relief! Brilliant! So there is a reward for my giving up! But we all know that if I don't run, I'll never reap the rewards of a job well done. If I want to be a better runner, I have to run. I have to push myself outside my comfort zone and say no to fear and say no to pain, regardless of what everyone around me is doing. Quitting is a choice-but so is moving forward.

There cannot be a place for this kind of attitude; where giving up is the easier alternative than continuing. Even if it seems like there is no consequence to your choice to quit, you are still creating this attitude in your heart that you will bring forward into further circumstances down the road. You're building a bridge to failure. It doesn't just stop there, at that one decision; it builds on itself. Stop the cycle of giving up, refuse to compare yourself to other people in your Krav Maga class who are better than you, and create an attitude of consistency and growth and you will improve and progress. Making that one change could be the thing that takes your Krav Maga training to a whole new level.

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