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Krav Maga Video
Wrist Release: Opposite Hand - (Hitchhike Out):
Twisting the Hips

For this wrist release to work on an attacker larger and stronger than you, you need to twist your hips while performing the escape. This video explains how placing your feet in the right position allows you to twist your hips strongly while maintaining good balance in your fighting or tactical stance.


"Hello, this is Glenda, I'm Randall, we're with And in this video, I'm going to discuss the wrist release, specifically, when your attacker grabs with the opposite hand and the release is to hitchhike out. And what I want to specifically discuss is how to put your feet in the right position and to twist your body to maximize your power.

This is what I mean is: Lets say if I'm grabbing Glenda. I'm the bad guy and I grab her like this. Now, what I would suggest is, when you're getting grabbed, in this case she's getting her right hand grabbed, I would suggest having your right foot back into your fighting stance. The reason why I suggest this is, when she's hitchhiking out, this allows her to twist her hips, which means she has more strength in her body. So instead of just using her arm strength, she can utilize her whole body, which is very important. Especially, because I'm bigger and stronger than her. So Glenda will demonstrate. Notice how she twists her whole body and, of course, she'll backup into her tactical stance just like we were taught.

The biggest beginner mistake is this. If I grab her, for one she has the wrong foot back. Now, when she does this, she can't twist her hips as well. Go ahead and switch feet. All right. Go ahead and try to twist out now. So it's a little bit harder for her to twist. All right. Now she puts this foot back, now she can put her whole body into it a lot more when she hitchhikes out, and of course, a good tactical stance.

So it's a real subtle detail but make sure you do this. Especially, when you're dealing with people that are much bigger and stronger than you. Especially, when you're practicing in class. Go find someone, one of the bigger guys in class, bigger people, and have them grab really strong and you'll find that, if you make sure that you put your foot back and twist your hips, it makes a big difference. If you don't do that, you're just using bicep strength. You're just using arm strength, which isn't going to be sufficient on someone larger than you.

So use that tip. It will make a big difference on the big guys. Thanks for watching."

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