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Krav Maga Instructor Program Instructor Program

Everyone can be a Krav Maga student, but not everyone can be a Krav Maga instructor.


Krav Maga Worldwide™ takes great care to train instructors how to properly and effectively teach Krav Maga self defense and fighting techniques to students, using the same approach and high standards they have utilized to create instructors for American military and law enforcement.

Ensure the credibility and quality of your Krav Maga instructor training by getting Krav Maga Worldwide™/Krav Maga Association of America™-certified. Upon completion of their rigorous training program they will issue your Instructor Diploma and commensurate with ability to your representatives who attend and successfully complete the program. This is not a weekend or take-home program, this is the real deal.

The instructor program is for any Krav Maga student who wants to take their training to a whole new level. Here are some reasons the instructor program might be for you:

  • You enjoy helping others with their Krav Maga training and assisting in classes.
  • "Pad" your credentials for your current career (law enforcement, military, security personnel, etc.)
  • Have the certifications to teach your own Krav Maga Worldwide™ classes and private lessons.
  • Create a part-time or full-time job teaching Krav Maga.
  • Open your own business with a Certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Training Center.
  • Accelerate your training towards becoming a Krav Maga black belt.

Due to the rigorous training and high-standards expected of Krav Maga Worldwide™ certified instructors, all instructor candidates must meet pre-qualifications before attending the first phase of instructor training. All candidates should attend a Krav Maga Worldwide™ continuing education (KM2U) seminar and be given a general assessment by Krav Maga Worldwide™ instructors. Once they get approval, the candidate can then attend instructor training. However, just getting approval to attend instructor training is no guarantee that the candidate will complete or pass any phase of the instructor program.

There are two instructor programs which our students can choose to participate in. One is the regular Instructor Certification Program. The other is the Instructor Apprentice Program which our Pompano Beach facility is qualified to teach. Below are the details of each program:

Instructor Certification Program

Krav Maga Instructor Certification Program ALIGN= Prior to the candidate's admittance into the Phase Training, each candidate must submit the following:

  • Application form
  • Proof of CPR/First Aid certification
  • A doctor's note to allow candidate to participate in an extremely physically strenuous self-defense and fitness course.
  • A copy of medical insurance.
  • Attend a continuing education (KM2U) seminar and get a general assessment and approval.

Phase Training Curriculum
The Phase Training program shall consist of approximately eight hours of intensive training per day covering the adult, i.e., ages twelve years old and above, Krav Maga Worldwide™ curriculum and will be divided into the following three phases.

Phase A
This is a seven day period of training covering the yellow belt (level 1) and orange belt (level 2) curricula. Candidates will be tested on yellow belt techniques and the teaching of such techniques at the end of Phase A, and will be given a written test of their general knowledge of the Concept and Program. Upon successful completion of Phase A, candidates will be yellow belts and will be permitted to teach the yellow belt curricula. There will be approximately a six to eight week break at which time the candidate must return for Phase B training.

Phase B
This is a seven day period of training reviewing the orange belt (level 2) curriculum and teaching green belt (level 3) curriculum. In addition, basic weapon defenses (gun, knife, and stick) will be covered. Candidates will be tested on orange belt techniques and the teaching of such techniques at the end of Phase B, and will be given a written test of their general knowledge of the Concept and Program. Upon successful completion of Phase B, candidates will be orange belts and will be permitted to teach the yellow belt and orange belt curriculum as well as test/promote students to yellow belt. Candidates will be certified to give demonstrations of weapon techniques only, but not to teach these techniques. There will be approximately a six to eight week break at which time the candidate must return for Phase C training.

Phase C
This is the final phase and consists of a seven day period of training reviewing the yellow belt, orange belt, green belt and basic weapons curricula, as well as covering some advance weapon training. Candidates will be tested on all reviewed curricula. After successfully completing Phases A through C, the candidates will have completed the instructor certification program and will be considered certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors - Grade 1. Candidates/instructors will be green belts in the Krav Maga Worldwide™ Concept with rights to teach yellow belt, orange belt, and green belt curricula, as well as promote students to orange belt.

Belt advancement is commensurate with ability and experience. Upon successful completion of the course, it is anticipated the candidate/instructor will be tested up to the green belt level. However, the candidates/instructors will be exposed to a variety of techniques, training methods and principles, many of which are included in the higher belt levels (i.e., blue and brown belt).

Separate and apart from the belt testing, the candidates will be evaluated at the end of each Phase for their instructional abilities. Said evaluation will test and grade their ability to perform the techniques, as well as their ability to teach the various techniques and exercises to third parties. The grading scale for both belt testing and instruction testing will be based upon zero and one hundred percent. A passing grade for any specific technique or teaching element is a score or seventy five percent. To successfully complete a Phase, candidate's average overall score (i.e., the sum of the score of all techniques combined divided by the total number of techniques) must equal at least eight percent for both the techniques and teaching testing portions of the Phase. The candidate must pass each Phase to continue on to train in the next Phase.

During the Phase training, candidates shall be given the title of Krav Maga Worldwide™ "Trainers". Upon successful completion of all Phases of the Phase Training program, candidates shall become certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors - Grade 1 and shall be certified to teach adults, i.e. ages twelve and above, only. Any candidates who fail to complete the Phase Training program, shall not retain any teaching rights nor any title as noted above.

If candidate has successfully attained the status of certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructor, the candidate may maintain such status by remaining in good standing. Certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors maintain good standing by participating in a minimum of two Continuing Education Units (days) per year.

Expert Training Series
For those instructors who want to advance and be qualified to teach the higher belt levels of the Krav Maga Worldwide™ curriculum, they can participate in the Expert Training Curriculum. Each Expert stage is four days.

Expert I
Blue Belt curriculum covered and test.

Expert II
Brown Belt curriculum covered and test.

Expert III & IV
Black Belt curriculum covered.

Expert V
Black Belt curriculum covered and test.

Instructor Apprentice Program


Krav Maga Worldwide™ provides a program for Official Training Centers to train their own instructors (our Pompano Beach location is qualified to teach this program). While the actual testing will still be performed by Krav Maga Worldwide™, the apprentice program allows lead instructors at Official Training Centers to conduct local training for their candidates.

For each Phase of training, Instructor Apprentices will train for a specified number of hours with their instructor. Once the required hours are completed, these Apprentices will then come to the Krav Maga Worldwide™ National Training Center for 3 days of training (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). During that time they will receive workshop training and all required lectures from our staff, and be tested for that Phase.


Krav Maga Worldwide™ strongly recommends that each school owner allow KMW instructors to view and meet their candidates prior to Apprentice training. The school owner should send the candidate to the most convenient Krav Maga 2 U seminar, where our instructors can give a general assessment. If the candidates cannot attend Krav Maga 2 U, then some other convenient seminar is strongly recommended.

Apprentice Training Requirements
  • 60 hours of Krav Maga training on the appropriate material with an emphasis on detail and understanding of the techniques and teaching methods. This training must be done outside of regular class time and should be individual or with a small group of fellow apprentices, led by the instructor. 15 hours of mock teaching should be included in this time (not in regular classes) - practice teaching techniques and receive critiques from the instructor and fellow apprentices.
  • 30 hours assisting in class - note: this does not mean teaching or giving warm ups (until after Phase A). It means walking around, serving as the attacker in demonstrations, making comments under instructor supervision, and receiving comments from the instructor on teaching methods, etc.
  • Apprentice Instructors turn in their Apprentice Training Log on the first day their Apprentice course.

Additional Requirements
The instructor supervising the training MUST have completed Expert Series II (brown belt).

Plan a good 6 months in advance to make sure that instructors in this program are well prepared for the Apprentice Testing.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
We want you to have a positive experience with us! For any reason you are not happy with your training you can cancel your membership within the first 30 days and receive a full refund of your tuition.

Jacob Guevara Sr.
"Even after being in law enforcement for many years, I felt lacking in my hand to hand, self defense skills. When I started my search online, I was looking for something that would work on the street, where there are no rules. I didn't want to be involved with a rigid discipline, with a lot of "dancing" around. When I came upon Krav Maga, I decided this was the way to go. This was also confirmed by a friend who is involved in very high profile bodyguard work. I just so happened to run into a fellow officer that had a copy of the book, "Complete Krav Maga", on his front seat. He introduced me to Randall and Glenda and their Pompano Beach Krav Maga Official Training Center. I signed up at the end of May 2010 and in about 10 months with a whole lot of practice, hard work and Randall's great instruction, I completed my level 3 (green belt) test and am working on the level 4 (blue belt) curriculum. Now that I'm over the level 3 hump, my friend suggested that I should get involved in the Krav Maga Instructor Program. With all of Randall's qualifications in place, he is currently helping me through the Krav Maga Instructor Apprentice Program.

I have found both Randall and Glenda to be extremely professional and trustworthy. Randall's style of teaching is very conducive to learning. He is very humble and patient. He can help you clean up your moves without making you feel stupid or incapable. I still find it amazing that he is able to watch me do a technique a few times and can analyze just what I'm doing wrong or how I can do it better.

Since Krav Maga is a mixture of the best parts of numerous disciplines, it is only fitting that Randall is so very capable in several of them (Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, American Kenpo). This, along with having over 10 years of training in Krav Maga, has given him the ability to not just teach the best of the Krav Maga curriculum but to build upon it, in order to provide a complete fighting system. It has been a true pleasure learning from Randall, but most of all I believe he is providing me with training that I can trust my life to."

Jacob Guevara Sr.
Police Officer
North Lauderdale, Florida

Krav Maga circle logo

"After learning Krav Maga, I feel like I'm doing a disservice to my students who want an effective self defense system by continuing to teach them traditional martial arts."

Chet Barnett
ATA Black Belt Academy
Ft. Collins, Colorado

"I am very excited about learning and teaching Krav Maga techniques. It has made me realize how ineffectively a traditional martial art system prepares you for real life"

Denise Balnoschan
Dublin Taekwondo
Dublin, Ohio

"The Krav Maga techniques are devastating, effective and easy to learn. Simply the most street conscious fighting and self defense system available."

Rod Carmichael
Unlimited Success
Martial Arts
Allen, Texas

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