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Student Section

This section of our website is devoted to our students as a troubleshooting guide for their Krav Maga training.

Krav Maga Solutions

The instructional videos below will cover:
  • Solutions to common beginner mistakes.
  • Answer frequently asked questions from students.
  • Address other training issues related to Krav Maga and self defense training.

The video links below are NOT a replacement for actual instruction. They do not teach techniques, but instead isolate and fix problems within the technique or its individual components. The videos are designed to help the student who has already learned the technique under the instruction of a qualified instructor.

Important Note: These videos are specific to the techniques and curriculum taught to the students at our facility. Students from other Krav Maga schools and organizations are more than welcome to watch and use these videos and we hope they find them useful! However, variations may be taught that are different from the techniques taught at other Krav Maga locations. This doesn't mean one variation is wrong or the other is right. They are just variations...plain and simple. The most important question for any technique or defense should be this: Does it work for the individual who is performing it? As long as it does, then the technique or variation has merit, regardless of where it comes from! That's the number one principle that we emphasize at our school.

Towards the bottom of this page is a section with links to Krav Maga articles primarily oriented on how students can get the most out of their training.

Krav Maga Video Links:

Krav Maga Article Links:


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Amy Horn
"I've always been interested in martial arts and fighting since I was young. When I first learned about Krav Maga about 4-5 years ago I did some research on it and instantly loved how effective it seemed to be and that it caters to not only the super fit but also the average joe. At least at the basic level it didn't appear to be something that you needed to be extremely fit for. Fast forward to present, I did some research looking for schools in the area and Krav Maga Worldwide Official Training Center was one of the first ones I found and the only one that had classes that worked within my schedule. Plus Glenda was so nice and very responsive in my emails! I was nervous about just jumping into something having very little training beforehand but Randall (and Jacob) made it SO easy to learn. Although I really didn't know what I was doing, the way they taught it just made it seem natural. I never felt afraid to ask a question and I've never seen Randall lose his patience. Being a woman in Broward County I feel like it's so necessary to know at least basic self defense. To be honest, the threat of rape and murder is so real down here that you really don't know what can happen. I feel much safer when I'm out and even my friends make me be the brave one when we're in dodgy situations. I'm excited to learn more and progress to the point that I can feel safe being out and I wouldn't want to do it anywhere else than at Krav Maga Worldwide Training Center under the leadership of Randall, Glenda, and of course Jacob! Thanks guys, you're awesome!"

Amy Horn
Bridal Consultant/Wedding Planner
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Self-Defense Resources

Self-Defense Resources

Information, Tips, Advice and Suggestions related to Self-Defense, as well as Personal Safety and Security.

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What is
Krav Maga?

What is Krav Maga?
Detailed information about Krav Maga and Krav Maga Worldwide™ Training Principles, System, and History.

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Watch a Class/Get a Free Gift!

Free Self Defense Weapon
Everyone is invited to watch a class and as a thank you from us you will receive a
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