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Krav Maga Worldwide™

What is Krav Maga?

Below are videos and articles with detailed information about Krav Maga and Krav Maga Worldwide™ training principles, system, and history.

Krav Maga Worldwide™ Information Video About Krav Maga Worldwide™

Introductory video about Krav Maga Worldwide™
classes, training benefits, history and technique principles.

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Krav Maga Worldwide™ Information Video

Introduction to Krav Maga Video Introduction to Krav Maga

This video reveals the story of Krav Maga's history and development on the battle fields of the Middle East. You will learn about Krav Maga's history as the official defensive tactics system for the Israeli Defense Forces, and its use by law enforcement agencies around the world.

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Introduction to Krav Maga Video

What is Krav Maga? What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga (pronounced KRAHV muh-GAH, which means "contact combat" in Hebrew) is a simple, aggressive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember system of self-defense. Krav Maga training focuses on principles rather than techniques because no two attacks are ever the same. No two people are the same. And, in fact, the same person confronted with a certain threat will react differently one day compared to another day...

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What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga - The System Explanation Video Krav Maga - The System Explanation Video

This is one of the best videos we've seen that explains the Krav Maga system. The video also includes a small sample of Krav Maga defenses and training drills...

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Krav Maga - The System Explanation Video

History of Krav Maga History of Krav Maga

History Channel's program the Human Weapon travels to Israel to learn about Krav Maga. This video covers a brief history of Krav Maga.

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History of Krav Maga

Krav Maga - Roots of the System Krav Maga - Roots of the System

The founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, was born in 1910 in Hungary, but grew up in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. A natural athlete, Imi won the Slovakian Youth Wrestling Championship in 1928, and a year later won the adult championship in the welterweight division. That same year, he won both the national boxing championship and an intermediate gymnastics championship. For the next decade, he earned a place as one of the premier wrestlers in Europe. However, Imi's greatest influence was his father, Samuel, a police officer and self-defense instructor. Samuel started as a circus acrobat and wrestler, but later entered the police department and served for 30 years as chief detective inspector. He became well-known for his impressive arrest record, particularly his capture of dangerous criminals...

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Krav Maga - Roots of the System

Krav Maga Worldwide™ Chief Instructor Darren Levine Talks About Krav Maga Creator Imi Lichtenfeld Krav Maga Worldwide™ Chief Instructor Darren Levine Talks About Krav Maga Creator Imi Lichtenfeld

Just over 100 years ago, on May 26, 1910, in central Europe, the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld was born. This year will mark Imi Lichtenfeld's 100th birthday. In honor of this occasion, Krav Maga Worldwide™ and former student of Imi, Darren Levine created this special video message that was broadcast in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Imi Lichtenfeld Centennial Celebration from May 24 to May 29.

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Krav Maga Worldwide™ Chief Instructor Darren Levine Talks About Krav Maga Creator Imi Lichtenfeld

Krav Maga for Women Krav Maga for Women

Krav Maga for Women is courtesy of Fit and Fearless of Austin, Texas.
It is one of the best videos we have found that explains the self-defense and fitness benefits of Krav Maga training for women.

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Krav Maga for Women

Why Krav Maga for Women Why Krav Maga for Women?

Krav Maga for Women is about teaching women how to protect themselves against violent attacks that may occur in almost any modern-day scenario. The lessons in this book apply to attacks against you and threats to your safety during a street crime, common battery, robbery, carjacking, etc. Additionally, we address crimes related to sexual assaults, which are at epidemic proportions in the United States...

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Why Krav Maga for Women?

Krav Maga or How to Survive a Slovakian Street Brawl Krav Maga or How to Survive a Slovakian Street Brawl

Here's an article from our student Amy Horn. It's about the history of Krav Maga and her own experience training in it at our location. Thank you Amy for letting us share it!

I get a lot of weird reactions when I mention to people that I do Krav Maga. Most responses start out with a look of confusion- as they've never heard of Krav Maga-followed by some form of the question "Krav Ma-what?" And then I respond with "Krav Maga-it's an Israeli form of self-defense that they teach to the Special Forces in Israel." For the record, the fact that I do Krav Maga is not something I generally broadcast to the public but it occasionally comes up when I'm asked what my week usually consists of or if I have to deny a social engagement because I have class. Krav Maga is something I picked up almost 2 years ago and I really enjoy doing. It gives me a bit of confidence when I am out in social situations, has helped me in my fitness goals, and has allowed me to be introduced to an awesome group of people I would have otherwise never met...

Click this link to read the rest of the article:

Krav Maga or How to Survive a Slovakian Street Brawl

Krav Maga - An Approach Based on Principles Krav Maga - An Approach Based on Principles

The Krav Maga self-defense system is based on principles. We do have specific techniques, of course, but students should never mistake the technique for the absolute truth. When looking at the techniques, keep this in mind: The technique is the beginning of your understanding of self-defense, not the end. For example, here you see a defense against a bearhug. The defender creates leverage on the attacker's neck by reaching around with her far-side hand, catching his face and his nose, and peeling or rolling his chin off her chest.

This is an excellent technique...but it is only an example of the principle...

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Krav Maga - An Approach Based on Principles

Krav Maga Training Methodology Krav Maga Training Methodology

While many of Krav Maga's techniques and tactics are certainly singular in their effectiveness, it is the exclusive delivery system that Krav Maga Worldwide™ utilizes to train its operators that quite possibly sets it apart from other self-defense training systems. Techniques, in a vacuum, are useless. Without developing aggressiveness or fighting spirit in students, the techniques will not matter, because under duress the defender will be unable to react in a timely or effective manner...

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Krav Maga Training Methodology

Telling the Difference: What Krav Maga is and what it isn'te Telling the Difference:
What Krav Maga is and what it isn't

There are things that Krav Maga is, and things that Krav Maga is not. When talking with people about Krav Maga, they have a lot of impressions about it, and really self defense in general. I thought I would cover just a few things that I've observed about what it is and what it isn't. Tell us what you think or if you can add your own to this list...

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Telling the Difference: What Krav Maga is and what it isn't

Krav Maga Trains in Real-Life Scenarios Krav Maga Trains in Real-Life Scenarios

Krav Maga article written by our student Amy Horn titled "Krav Maga Trains in Real-Life Scenarios":

"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." -Ben Franklin

In Krav Maga we're taught to react in an instinctive way to an attack and either beat the attacker until they are either no longer a threat or, the safer alternative, escape the situation. Now seeing as we have training partners and not enemies, it makes it more difficult to realistically train for the unexpected. So we do our best to do "real-life scenarios" and improve our technique and form in hopes that if we, God forbid, find ourselves in a bad situation we might be able to execute our training...

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Krav Maga Trains in Real-Life Scenarios

What Would I Do If... What Would I Do If...

Krav Maga article written by our student Amy Horn titled "What Would I Do If...":

"I think one of the reasons tragic news stories impact us so much is that we bring the situation to our own personal reality. What would I do if...that happened to me; I was attacked by; My family get where I'm going with this. These stories become personal because we attach ourselves to them..."

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What Would I Do If...

Situational Awareness Situational Awareness and Krav Maga

Our student Amy Horn shares a conversation she had with her friend Mike who's a police officer in Miami.

They discussed various street incidents he had been called to and she asked if any of these situations could have been prevented or if the severity of the attacks could have been minimized.

Mike's answer "Yeah-situational awareness."

This article discusses the following:

  • What situational awareness is.
  • Two types of situational awareness (subconscious and conscious).
  • Two main things to look for when using situational awareness.
  • How situational awareness applies to Krav Maga.
  • An incident Amy was in where she successfully used both situational awareness and Krav Maga.

Click this link to read the rest of the article:

Situational Awareness and Krav Maga

Fight! magazine A Mixed Martial Artist's View on Krav Maga

The June 2010 issue of Fight! magazine has an article titled The Secret Six - The World's Most Underrated Martial Arts. It is written by Jason Chambers, one of the host of The History Channel's Human Weapon. Jason has been involved in some form of traditional martial arts since he was six years old and MMA since he was 16 years old. In his article he asks three excellent questions for Mixed Martial Artist:
  • What if I have to defend a family member while I'm getting attacked?
  • What do I do if I'm a BJJ black belt but have to fight two guys?
  • How can I minimize damage if someone picks up a knife or bottle?

Click here to read the article:

The Secret Six

Hick's Law Functionality/Viability of Krav Maga

This article covers the following topics:
  • What "Hick's Law" is and how it applies to Krav Maga and self-defense.
  • The differences in training goals between combat sports and reality based self-defense.
  • The importance of training that addresses the concept of escalating or de-escalating the level of force used due to situational legalities.

Click here to read the article:

Functionality/Viability of Krav Maga

Krav Maga tool development Krav Maga "Tool Development"

This article explains and gives examples of how Krav Maga teaches you to use your ENTIRE body as a tool for self defense. Click here to read the article:

Functionality/Krav Maga Tool Development

My 3 Years in Krav Maga My 3 Years in Krav Maga

Our student Amy Horn shares her positive experiences with Krav Maga, such as how she's lost over 50 pounds and has dramatically improved her cardiovascular endurance.

However, she also mentions some of her training struggles such as finding time to attend class, comparing herself to others, and the difficulty of making defenses work on larger training partners, etc.

She offers a list of suggestions for newer Krav Maga students that her "stubborn brain" wishes she would have known when she first started training. These topics include:

  • Put in the time.
  • You have to have patience with yourself and you have to practice.
  • In the beginning, you are most likely going to suck.
  • There will always be someone better than you.
  • The more in shape you are, the easier things get.
  • Train with a variety of partners.
Click this link to read the article:

My 3 Years in Krav Maga

New Year, New You New Year, New You

New Year, new you is something you hear time and again when January 1st rolls around. New Year's resolutions are being formed, commitments are being made, and gyms are gaining loads of new members. Although I'm no "Resolutions" type girl, I always get excited for this time of year. It's like the world is giving you a free pass, a breath of fresh air. "New Beginnings" is a wonderful bandwagon to jump on because it gives you a chance to either start something new or take a look at where you are and re-commit for the upcoming year...

Click here to read the rest of the article:

New Year, New You

Krav Maga Circle Logo The Meaning of the Krav Maga Circle Logo

The Krav Maga logo consists of the letters K and M written in Hebrew, artfully combined to form the symbol of Krav Maga. The K and M are surrounded by an open circle because the system is open to improvement by adding techniques, exercises, and training methods and by eliminating techniques from the system when there is a better approach. Imi Lichtenfeld, the Grand Master of Krav Maga, said of the logo's open circle: Good things can continue to flow into the system and flawed exercises can flow out.

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Krav Maga self defense fighting fitness
"I have previously attended law enforcement academies, as well as numerous reality-based personal protection courses, including courses sponsored by other Krav Maga organizations. Not only do Randall and Glenda teach a viable, effective method of self-defense steeped in reality, but their methods of instruction to both novices and advanced students alike are impeccable. Some instructions are considered 'subject matter experts' and are very good at repeating or parroting what they were taught. Randall and Glenda are 'substance matter experts' and explain in full detail the principle behind a particular technique, the reason for its proper execution and some of the common pitfalls that may arise if the technique is executed erroneously.

All of the drills & techniques presented in training are pressure tested in an ego free environment so that novices & advanced students progress accordingly and at their own pace. If you are interested in training in a reality based fighting system, I believe this is one of the only viable options in South Florida."

Joseph A.

Lane Brody
"It's great you've decided to get in better shape, or just be more confident protecting yourself and others, but the next important decision is deciding how and where. Krav Maga is a very practical and straight forward to learn system that was recommended to me by friends with a solid martial arts background. At 45 I was a bit concerned about starting something new like Krav Maga but it's been great. The thing I most want to tell you is how lucky I got finding this studio.

There's not a lot ego here and everyone seems to concentrate on learning or helping out other students. It's simply a great place to learn and it's not an accident. Randall, the Head Instructor, has a very patient and calm demeanor that fosters an excellent learning environment. It's rather rare to find someone highly skilled in any field who also excels at imparting their knowledge. All the students here with a martial arts background that I've spoken to are equally impressed with this studio and Randall. Don't even think about walking, get up and run to Krav Maga Worldwide Pompano Beach!".

Lane Brody
Restaurant Manager
Coral Springs, Florida

Samantha Ansby
"I've been a student at Krav Maga worldwide training center for the past couple of months and I must say I love it here. I love the street smart fighting and self-defense system and the way the techniques are easy to learn. Everybody here is great including my positive and awesome instructors Randal and Glenda. Thanks to their classes I lost 20 pounds in just 4 months! I'm learning self-defense skills, losing weight, getting fit and building confidence. I couldn't have asked for a better Krav Maga school to attend to!"

Samantha Ansby
Receptionist at Comprehensive Obstetrics and Gynecology
Delray Beach, Florida

Larry Reed
"I am a retired Federal Agent with 30 yrs of law enforcement experience. I have been involved in many 'incidents' on and off the job and by an amazing amount of luck I never got hurt. Throughout my career I never even considered taking self defense classes or learning the Martial Arts (My mistake). I have recently become motivated to take Krav Maga classes through watching and enjoying my 10 yr. old kid learn MMA. I am 60 yrs old and at this stage in my life I do not want to spend the time required to learn the traditional Martial Arts. Krav Maga is a street fighting/survival system that is easy to learn, developed with that ease in mind, and extremely effective as a self defense method to 'end it quickly' in Your Favor. Exactly what I was looking for! The head instructor at Krav Maga Worldwide, in Pompano Beach, Randall, and his Assistant, Glenda, are both very dedicated instructors and go out of their way to make their students feel comfortable and appreciated. I really like the school and there are students of all ages, male and female, learning together every day. I highly recommend Randall's school to everyone, and like the American Express commercial states, 'Never leave home without it'".

Larry Reed
Retired Federal Agent
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Brent Edwards
"At an undisclosed location, I was at a birthday party a which point a fight broke out behind me. At the time I had no knowledge of the brawl going on behind me until I got pushed from behind and fell to the ground. As I hit the ground face first, I immediately rolled to my back and got into a defensive position which I learned from Randall in my Krav Maga class. As my onknown attacker advanced to strike me I rolled onto my side still in a defensive position and kicked my attacker on the lower part of his leg with my bottom leg and immediately stood up ready to attack.

I have been doing Krav Maga for approximately four months and through multiple repetitions which Randall has us doing in class, it was like second nature to me when I fell on the ground to get into a defensive position and fight my way up."

Brent Edwards
Hollywood, Florida

Kim Praitano
"As a 51 year-old woman, I had lost confidence in my ability to defend myself. Fear led me to take action. After searching for a school where I could learn practical techniques in self-defense, Glenda invited me to watch a Krav Maga class as she patiently answered all my questions. She spent an individual session preparing me for the basics of my first class. After 8 weeks of working with Randall, I'm amazed at how quickly I'm learning. Randall is disciplined, experienced, precise and patient. He's extremely skilled, and knows how to teach those skills to others. Every day I'm more mentally and physically confident that if necessary I can fight back. We all feel awkward at first. Don't let it stop you."

Kim Praitano
Vice President
Family Central Inc. Pompano Beach, Florida

Arthur Chen
"Krav, the best cardio one can get outside the bedroom"

Arthur Chen
College Professor
Boca Raton, Florida

Kathy Nemeth
"With the rapidly rising crime rate here in Broward county, as a female, I decided I need to learn how to 'seriously' protect myself. An ex-military coworker advised me to look into the Krav Maga program. I called 2 schools which teach the Krav Maga program, one that is much closer to my home and Krav Maga Worldwide Training center in Pompano Beach. When I spoke with the instructor from the school closer to me, he was very rushed and immediately went through the belts and the pricing to test for each. It felt very commercialized with no sense of personal touch at all. I then spoke with Glenda Peel, Koch Martial Arts director & trainer, she was very patient with my many questions and encouraged me to come see a class to get a better understanding of the Krav Maga program. Glenda sat next to me while I watched, again answering my questions and was very happy to do so. I immediately felt comfortable with her and the school. As a local bank manager in a tough neighborhood, I decided to waste no time and began classes. Randall Koch, owner/certified instructor, is professional, patient and passionate about his instruction. He is able to spot what needs improvement and guide you in a very easy and understandable manner. All the other students, both male and female, are very friendly and willing to help each other during and after class. I feel comfortable at the school and confident I am learning from the best. I work 50+ hours per week so my time is very precious and the school closer to my home certainly would have been more convenient. Don't make that mistake..... not all schools are created equal; where and who you train with is critical to your development. I can't say enough great things about Randall, Glenda, the other instructors and Krav Maga Worldwide in Pompano Beach. I'm trying to get to a second class per week and would go three times if I could. I have only been training a short time but already feel much more confident in my ability to defend myself. It's definitely hard work, but well worth it!

You don't get what you wished for, you get what you worked for!!!"

Kathy Nemeth
Bank Manager
Coconut Creek, Florida

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Self-Defense Resources

Self-Defense Resources

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What is
Krav Maga?

What is Krav Maga?
Detailed information about Krav Maga and Krav Maga Worldwide™ Training Principles, System, and History.

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