Krav Maga Worldwide™ Video

Krav Maga Worldwide™ Video

Introductory video about Krav Maga Worldwide™ classes, training benefits, history and technique principles.

“It’s fun. You have a great time. You get to, you get to actually hit the pad hard. It’s a great workout as well!”

“If someone were to jump me thinking they’re just going after an old man, they would be surprised. I learned to defend myself!”

“It’s something called Krav Maga.”

“Krav Maga.”

“Krav Maga.”

“Krav Maga.”

“I’m going to check out this really cool thing called Krav Maga.”

“The Israeli martial art called Krav Maga.”

“Krav Maga is the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli military. It was created in the 1940s and 50s by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld. It was created at a time when the Israelis were bringing in everyone they could to fill their army. Men, women, people who were older, younger, people who were in shape, people who were not in shape. They needed to create a hand-to-hand combat system that worked for all those people regardless of their experience and their level of ability. That system is Krav Maga.”

“Known for its no-nonsense approach, the technique relies on a person’s natural instincts.”

Marni Levine: “When an attack comes to you. Let’s say it’s a choke. You feel the hands on the throat. People’s natural reaction to that pain is to do something like this. So we’re going to take that instinctive movement and turn that into the defense.”

Darren Levine: “Here’s the threat. ‘Boom!’ What did I do already? Redirected. Caught with the secondhand. And what else? ‘Boom!’ Kick.”

“Darren Levine is the Chief Instructor of Krav Maga in the United States. He’s also a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles. Where he witnesses firsthand the type of threats Krav Maga is designed to combat.”

Darren Levine: “You can be at an ATM machine and you could have a gun on your back. You can have someone come up to you and put a knife to your throat. I mean, it can happen. It does happen. How do I know that? Because I prosecute those cases. And our system deals with all those every day type of things that are happening that are harmful to people.”

Darren Levine: “It’s an uncomfortable feeling. It’s the worst feeling. I’m in this position, I take the gun.”

Bas Rutten, Former Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship: “Krav Maga has the best weapons defenses. I know because Amir Perets took a pellet gun, loaded it up, and looked at me, and he said ‘If you see me move, you can shoot me.’ I asked him, ‘Are you sure about this “? I couldn’t get him one time. On the street, let’s face it, this stuff really actually does work.”

Marni Levine, Exec. Vice President, Brand Awareness, 4th Degree Black Belt: “Krav Maga is meant that everyone can be safe on the street.”

The Dorn Family: “The fact that my daughter can cause great harm and defend herself is awesome. And the fact that my son can do the same is really great.” “You learn so much and so fast that you gain such a huge, you know, level of confidence in yourself. And especially being a woman in Los Angeles it’s a really important thing to have.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Krav Maga really is a self-defense technique because women can be on an equal playing field with men. It’s basically kind of a street fighting, anything goes kind of technique that really teaches you how to use the weight of the other person, even if they’re bigger than you.”

“One of the greatest joys that I get as an instructor here is seeing a woman for the very first time. She’s never been in a fight. She’s never been in this kind of physical situation. She really thinks that she can’t do it. And then she’s out there punching and fighting and kicking like she’s never done before. It’s really amazing.”

The Gilmore Girls (WB): “When we moved in the neighborhood we thought it would be a good to take some self-defense classes.” “Krav Maga.” “Oh.” “Krav Maga is not about being tough guy or fighting in a ring. It’s about going home alive know matter what.” “And it’s a rush.” “Pads on!” “Attack on three. 1, 2…” “Okay, I’m going to go get the rest of my stuff. So I’m just gonna…” “Steinbech! Steinbech!” “That’s not your safety word!” “I know.”

Darren Levine: “It’s like exercising without thinking you’re exercising. You do all those things in the training for self-defense.”

“If you want to learn something that’s practical and lose weight at the same time, this is what you want to do.”

“We offer so much of a variety of types of exercises and types of workouts. We do bag workouts, functional training, strength training, cardiovascular training.”

“It’s a huge adrenaline rush. It’s, it’s, every class is different so you always feel like you’re involved in a different type of workout.”

Darren Levine: “There’s a lot of people who haven’t done a lot of physical exercises. There’s a lot of people that look at this and say ‘Whoa, this might intimidate me.’ Listen, we have the friendliest atmosphere to do very serious work. Everything is designed to make a student feel like that at the end of the hour, they walk out and go ‘that seemed like five minutes.’ And after you leave, not only are you sopping wet, soaked, like you would be at any gym, but you leave this facility with the ability to maybe save your life one day. You learn how to defend yourself. ”

Jay Leno: “Krav Maga. Do you know about this Kevin? ‘No, I’ve never heard of it.’ I guess it developed in Israel. It’s like the ultimate self-defense. They say it involves headbutting, hair pulling, and poking the eyes. In fact, the three guys that developed, show them who developed it.”