New Year, New You

By Amy Horn

New Year, new you is something you hear time and again when January 1st rolls around. New Year’s resolutions are being formed, commitments are being made, and gyms are gaining loads of new members. Although I’m no “Resolutions” type girl, I always get excited for this time of year. It’s like the world is giving you a free pass, a breath of fresh air. “New Beginnings” is a wonderful bandwagon to jump on because it gives you a chance to either start something new or take a look at where you are and re-commit for the upcoming year.

Getting fit is always at the top of the list for many people-as it should be. I believe there is no better resolution to give yourself than a healthy life. Accomplishing your goal is a fantastic feeling in and of itself; but going through the ups and downs of the change process is a great experience as well. One of the great things about deciding to make that change is that you now have the choice of which avenue you’re going to go down to ultimately reach your goal of getting fit. To me, one of the best ways to get fit is through martial arts. Many types of martial arts, Krav Maga in particular, utilize the entire body in the practice of it, making training a full body workout! Even at the beginner level working on combatives (the foundations of Krav Maga), every punch and kick you throw engages your whole body.

There are many options available to you through Krav Maga when starting out on your goal of getting fit. One direction you can take is starting from the beginning and learning the actual practice of Krav Maga (click here here to learn what Krav Maga is and where it comes from). Here is where you will learn punch and kick combatives as well as self defense techniques to get you home safe. Our studio offers many different hours and class times to give you the flexibility you need.

Another way you can incorporate Krav Maga into your fitness routine is by coming to our Krav Maga Conditioning Program. Offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm, the focus of the class is to emphasize muscular strength and cardio endurance. Improvements in these areas help you not only in your workouts but also in your daily activities as you use your muscles in your routine day. “Your health and your body are worth fighting for” is the philosophy of the Krav Maga Conditioning Program at our Krav Maga Worldwide Training Center. “Whether you are interested in fitness classes only, or you wish to enhance your Krav Maga self defense and fighting training, the Krav Maga Conditioning Program brings a fresh experience to the total body workout.”

Finally you can participate in our Fight Program which takes techniques from MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Wresting to give you knowledge in ground fighting, live sparring, takedowns, etc. I can tell you from personal experience, if you get in a couple of rounds of contact sparring, you’ll be gasping for air by the end. These techniques are important to learn as they take lessons from different martial arts, removes the competition aspect, and utilizes them for self preservation on the street.

We encourage you to contact us and come in and watch a class. Check it out and see if this is something you would enjoy. It’s definitely different from going to the gym and is useful in your everyday life! Browse through our website for more information!