TASER Krav Maga Training Course


Each course is limited to 10 participants!

Krav Maga Worldwide and TASER Self-Defense are committed to making people stronger and safer so they can BE READY to defend themselves and loved ones in any situation.

The new immersive course, Krav Maga TASER Training – Level 1 is designed for adults of all ages and abilities. It has been developed to enhance your safety in a wide variety of real-world, self-defense situations. By the end of the course you will know how to defend yourself using the TASER Pulse and basic personal weapons such as strikes and the integration of both.

Modern life requires you to be prepared. Knowing the proper use of the TASER Pulse and Krav Maga techniques will give you confidence to handle any situation and go home safe.

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Lesson 1:  Introduction to Krav Maga TASER Training
TASER and Krav Maga have teamed up to enhance your safety.  Learn about TASER and Krav Maga Worldwide’s goals to “Make you Safer”.  This lesson also covers the key features, capabilities, and maintenance of your TASER Pulse+ Device.

    • Introduction to the Course
    • Course Objectives
    • Who are TASER Self-Defense & Krav Maga Worldwide
    • Terminology and Nomenclature
    • Disclaimers
    • Safety Rules
    • Civilian TASER Products
    • Cartridges, Batteries, and Maintenance
    • Electricity and NMI
    • Overview of Select Medical and Safety Studies
    • Carry Considerations


Lesson 2:  TASER Training
This lesson helps familiarize you with the size, form, and features of the TASER Pulse+.  Learn how to safely utilize the TASER Pulse+ and TASER StrikeLight.  This lesson also covers various drills you can practice on your own to increase your proficiency with the TASER Pulse+.

    • Introduction to TASER Training
    • How the TASER Pulse+ Works
    • Basic Use of the Pulse+
    • Live Fire Demonstration
    • How the StrikeLight Works
    • Basic Use of the StrikeLight
    • How to Train with the TASER Pulse+


Lesson 3:  Stances and Movement in a TASER Situation
This lesson covers the different stances utilized in Krav Maga.  Learn how to utilize these stances in combination with your TASER Pulse+ to help increase your personal safety.

    • Introduction to Stances and Movement
    • Neutral Stance with the TASER Pulse+
    • Tactical Stance with the TASER Pulse+
    • Fighting Stance with the TASER Pulse+
    • Verbal Commands
    • Transitions
    • Movement
    • Drills


Lesson 4:  Personal Weapons
Personal Weapons in combination with the TASER Pulse+ can make you more confident and capable when defending against a violent attack.  This lesson covers various personal weapons you can utilize while defending yourself against a violent attack.

    • Introduction to Personal Weapons
    • Punches
    • Elbow Strikes
    • Knee Strikes
    • Kicks
    • Combination Drill


Lesson 5:  Self-Defense – Counter Abduction
This lesson combines everything you have learned so far. Learn life saving counter abduction techniques.

    • Introduction to Counter Abduction
    • Counter Abduction Techniques
    • Demonstration of Live Exposure
    • Final thoughts from TASER & KMW


Our instructor for this course, Randall Koch, is both a Krav Maga Worldwide Certified Instructor and Certified TASER Civilian Trainer and the only person in the state of Florida qualified to teach this TASER Krav Maga Training Course.

Learn more about TASER Self-Defense at taser.com

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