Getting Up Off the Ground – 3 Variations Based On Skill Level and Effectiveness

This video shows three variations of getting up off the ground based on the skill level of the student as well as which variations are most effective.


“Hi, this is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. Sitting on my ass not doing anything. No, I’m just kidding. Actually, what were going to cover right now is some variations on the get up.

Now, I’m assuming that you already know how to do the get up off the ground. Now I’m going to cover three variations and each variation is going to go from easiest to most difficult but it’s also going to go from the least effective to the most effective way to do it. So this is what I mean. Here’s the first variation which is, well first of all everyone knows what the get up is. But that particular variation what I’m doing is putting two hands on the ground and getting up. This tactically is a worse get up because when I put two hands down of not protecting my face. I don’t have a hand to block with. I don’t have a hand to push my opponent away but if you’re a beginner and are struggling with the get up this is definitely easiest method to learn. So I suggest starting with this if you’re having trouble with the get up. This allows you to push with both hands and makes it easier to get up.

Now once you feel very comfortable with that though, ideally you should only push off with one hand. So this hand is always up protecting myself from my opponent and to use this to push away with or to block with. Now I only push with one hand. So ideally, this would be a little bit better technique and I would get up.

Once you get comfortable with that though, a more advanced version to use is to add a retreat step on the get up. So what I mean by that is, I’m still only going to push with one hand but notice I went backwards as I did it. This is the most difficult to learn but a tactically it’s the best technique because my opponent here, the BOB bag representing my opponent, what it does while I’m doing this particular technique if I add to retreat step to create a lot more distance between the two of us. So as I’m getting up and he comes in trying to hit me or pushed me back down on the ground it will make it a lot more difficult for him to accomplish either of those goals because of the amount of distance I created between the two of us. So the key to that is as you push with this hand and push with this foot, what you’re going to do is push with this foot, push of this hand, and you’re going to have to not just set your foot down but drive with this leg, balance on this hand, and push off as hard as you can and there is your retreat step. Just like you do in a fighting stance. Like this. Same concept.

So there are your three levels of training. So if your new, Start with two hands. If you feel a little more comfortable with that go with one hand. And then ideally, once you get really good at it, one hand add a retreat step. Ideally, that’s what everyone should be shooting for. That’s tactically the most sound technique.

So there’s your training tip for getting up is use the one that’s most appropriate for you but with the eventual goal is to add the retreat step with one hand. Alright, try it out. Enjoy.”

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