Hammerfist to the Back – Stepping to a Proper Fighting Stance

When adding an advance step to the Hammerfist to the Back, beginners often make the mistake of landing in a poor fighting stance. This is a very common error when students are first learning the defense against Choke from Behind. This video explains the importance of landing in a proper fighting stance, as well as helpful suggestions and drills.


“This is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com and today I’m going to discuss the hammerfist to the rear/hammerfist to the back and making sure that you’re landing in a proper fighting stance. And this is what I mean…

Common beginner mistake is this: They throw the hammerfist but when they step with this leg they land not far enough over here in a proper fighting stance. So it looks like their body’s bladed towards their target. They’re turned sideways. This is not as good as landing where your body is squared up. The reason is because I want the ability to protect myself better and I do that by being squared up. Basically, I want my opponent at 12 o’clock. Think about wherever your belly button is, that it’s pointed towards your opponent.

Now if I do this towards the camera you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about a little better. So a common beginner mistake is this. Notice I’m turned too far sideways. Notice how this foot and this foot are almost on the same line. Like I’m walking on a balance beam or surfing. Instead, what I want to do is make sure this leg steps enough across that I land in that proper fighting stance that all our beginners are taught. Notice that all ten toes are pointed in this direction. My belly button is turned towards 12 o’clock. My shoulders are even. And this should be my proper ending position. Not like this. So one more time. “Bam!”

Now a good drill to make sure you’re doing this right is when you’re practicing, hit the target and then stop and take a look to make sure you’re in a proper fighting stance. This is what I mean. After you hit with a hammerfist, recoil it back, then just take a look. Make sure all those key components that I discussed are being utilized. If your footwork is a little off, fix it and adjust. So an example if I were doing it wrong: “oh, okay”, fix it and do it. “Nah, a little bit wider”. Do it again. So that’s a great way to help you with that.

Another thing I like to do is add a straight punch or cross at the end of that. So it looks like this. The reason why is when you throw the cross, if you’re in a proper fighting stance you’ll have lots of power in the punch and feel well-balanced. If your footwork is a little off, when you throw this punch it’s going to feel real awkward. You’ll feel off balanced and the reason why is you’re stance is too narrow. A wider stance means a wider base thus better balance. So once you get comfortable with the hammerfist, add the straight punch. And like I said, if you’re balance feels solid it probably means you’re in the proper fighting stance.

So that’s your training tip for right now. Is making sure that we’re landing in a proper fighting stance when we do the hammerfist to the rear.”

Watch your back! Being aware of your environment is one of the best things you can do to protector yourself!