Straight Punch – Protect Your Wrist by Adjusting Your Fist Position

This video offers advise on how to adjust your fist position on straight punches in order to prevent wrist injuries. In addition, it discusses how these adjustments also effect the power of the straight punch.


“Hi, this is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. Today we’re going to discuss some ways you can modify your straight punch so you’re less likely to bend your wrist and injure it.

Now all our beginners when they’re first taught their how to do a straight punch, they all know the usual stuff. Hit with your two large knuckles, keep your wrist straight, wrap your wrists, wear appropriate gloves, etc., etc. But one thing a lot of beginners don’t realize is that if you adjust the positioning of your fist when you do your straight punches it’s also going to help out a lot.

Now in our particular classes, when we teach the straight punch, we teach to punch at a 45 degree angle, so like this. And I think this is really a great idea from Krav Maga because it kind of gives you the best of both worlds in that it allows you to rotate your hand but it allows you to keep your fist very vertical so the chances of you injuring your wrist are minimized. However, you don’t have to stick with that particular angle of your fist. What I tell beginners if their routinely having trouble getting their wrist bent back when they’re throwing a punch, just because maybe they’re new to punching or they have a previous injury and their wrist is really weak, is that I actually suggest to them that they throw their straight punches with a vertical fist. So if you notice, thumb up in this position. Now the downside of punching this way is that you won’t get as much power but the chances of you injuring your wrist and bending it back will be minimized. So until they become more consistent with their straight punches I suggest they practice this way. And then as they become more consistent throwing these punches and not getting their wrist bent back, they can gradually start turning it over and over, going all the way to the 45 degree angle. And then eventually, you can even practice throwing your punch at a horizontal fist position like this. Now obviously this makes you more prone to getting your hand or your wrist injured but you do generate more power when you use that punch, when you throw, at least when you throw a straight punches up high to the face.

So that would be my training tip for today is play with the different fist positioning any time you are experiencing any wrist injuries or problems or bending back, go back to this vertical fist position. If you want to increase the power start turning it over and over and if you want maximum power you can practice punching with a horizontal fist.

And that is your training tip for today.”

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