Straight Punch with Advance Step – Drill to Improve Footwork

This video teaches a drill to help the beginner who is struggling with their footwork and fighting stance while performing a Straight Punch with Advance Step.


“Hi, this is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. Today we’re going to be doing a training tip to help you tighten up your Straight Punch with Advanced Step.

Now, a common beginner mistake is when they take their advanced step with a straight punch is that the first step they take is pretty good, but as they are delivering their straight punch for whatever reason the back foot comes up too close to the front foot. So we’re not in a proper distance for a fighting stance. It’s like we’re standing parallel or in a passive neutral stance. So obviously this is unacceptable for a fighting position. So here’s a little training tip to help you fix that. What I did was lay down four spots on the floor and I just used masking tape, something that you can throwdown on your own floor if you’re practicing at home. And what I did is the back two right here, what I did was position them to whatever your approximate fighting stance is. You’re obviously going to have to figure that out on your own. So get in your fighting stance, whatever feels comfortable, whatever you were taught, that’s where you lay down the spots. And then, put two more spots in front of them. Make sure the distance between these two and these two are approximately the same. And for a beginner it doesn’t have to be a big distance. Maybe 6 inches, a foot, doesn’t have to be any huge distance.

Know what you’re going to be doing with these spots is get in your fighting stance and position yourself on the back two. Now you’re going to practice your straight punch with advanced step. After you do the technique, I want you to stop, hold your position, and take a look down and see if your feet are on the right spot. If each foot is covering the two spots that were in front then you probably did the footwork properly. Whereas if you did make that common mistake that I just discussed, you’re going to see this foot up here and you’re going to turn and look back and go “oh shit, I’ve stepped too far”. And so when you see this obviously you need to get your foot back, fix it, and go back to your original spots and repeat the drill. Take a look, “hey not bad”, start over. Now obviously I can take this advanced step and punch with either hand. Take a look, it’s okay, if you don’t like what you see fix it and go back.

Now don’t make this mistake while doing the drill. Don’t stare at the floor the whole time. I know I’m exaggerating a little bit but I have beginners doing this drill and they’re always doing this. Okay, don’t look down. You need to look at your opponent, target, or imaginary opponent at all times. You need to develop that good habit. Keep your eyes up, chin down, do your technique, then after you do the movement take a look down and adjust everything, fix it, and start over. That would be the proper way to train… so you’re delivering the technique, stopping, checking, and then starting all over again.

So that’s a good drill to help you fix that problem. To try it out. Hopefully that will help you out.”

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