Wrist Release – One Wrist Held by Two Hands – High Important Details

This video reminds you of the importance of twisting your hips while doing this release. This way the escape is stronger and will still work on a larger attacker. The video shows the correct foot positioning in order to twist your hips while maintaining good balance. In addition, it shows the correct arm direction for the release so you don’t hit yourself in the leg or groin.


“Hello, this is Randall and Glenda with KravMagaTraining.com. And in this video, we’re going to discuss how to twist your hips or twist your body properly when your attacker is placing two of their hands on one of your wrists high and you need to get out of it.

So here’s the scenario. I’m going to be talking my way out of the situation. I’m in my tactical stance. Glenda decides to get aggressive with me. She grabs my wrist, I get out of it. But here’s the thing. If she’s a lot bigger and stronger than me, I’m going to have to twist my body to get out of this. I cannot just rely on my arm strength against her arm strength. It’s not going to work. So in order for me to twist my body properly, I need, first of all, position my feet properly. And so what I want to do is, when she grabs my right arm I like to put my left foot back. So this way when I do the escape it’s easier for me to twist my body this way. Whereas, sometimes beginners will make the mistake of having the other foot back. And I don’t like twisting like this because you can see, even if I get out of it, look how I’m off-balance. My legs are kind of crossed. I look like a three-year-old who has got to go to take a piss. This looks ridiculous. I’m off-balance and very vulnerable in case she decides to be more aggressive with me. Whereas, if I have the other foot back, when I twist my body, pivot on my front foot, I feel like I’m still in balance and can transition very easily to a fighting position or a tactical stance position. So that’s the first thing, is that, whatever arm is grabbed, opposite foot is behind you so you can twist your body.

Now, here’s the other mistake that you need to be aware of that sometimes beginners do. It’s actually kind of funny and humorous, in that, it’s really important that when you pull your arm, pull it over to your opposite hip. Not only does it make the hip part twist, but actually this is the main reason why you want to do this because sometimes beginners do this, it’s actually really funny. They’ll actually like hit themselves in the leg or actually hit themselves in the groin. It’s really funny when the guys do it in class. Even though I tell everyone ‘Okay, make sure you don’t make this beginner mistake. Don’t be the guy, that you know, that he hits himself in the groin.’ You’ll literally hear something like this at least once in class. You’ll hear their own hand hit their cup. And then who ever they’re training with, and everyone that’s nearby them, will start laughing. And you’ll see this poor guy that just hit himself in the groin with kind of a silly, stupid grin on his face like, ‘Yeah, okay, I’m the guy who just punched myself in the nuts.’ So you don’t want to do that. Don’t, that’s silly hitting yourself in the leg or hitting yourself in the groin. Make sure that, as you twist your hips and your arm comes across. Think about it going across to the opposite, outside of the your hip like this. Not straight down. You’re going to end up hitting yourself and be that silly guy who’s doing that to their groin cup. Okay?

So quick review. Opposite foot back. Twist your hips. And aim your hand to the outside of your opposite hip. Like that, and of course, good tactical stance. Make sure that you implement all those little things and you’ll find that the release will be a lot stronger and it will save you that embarrassment in class of hitting yourself in the groin. Or even worse, if you were dumb and didn’t wear your groin cup, it might actually hurt a little bit. So the only thing more ridiculous than getting hit in the groin is hitting yourself in the groin. So don’t be that person. Okay?

All right. Thanks for watching!”

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