JJ Oddone

Krav Maga Worldwide™ Phase C (Yellow, Orange and Green Belt) Certified Trainer and Level 4 Student.

Born of fire and carved from stone on the barren slopes of Mount Diablo, JJ descended to the mortal plane in search of glory and the perfect burger. As the streets of the East Bay of California did little to sate his desires, JJ undertook an odyssey that led him to the shores of Florida, where he would meet  a woman who would weave a spell on him that would lead to ultimate despair. Wandering the Earth with a woeful spirit, JJ would once again rekindle his search for greatness in the fabled halls of Krav Maga in illustrious Pompano Beach. There, under the expert tutelage of Ran’all, our hero would hone his combat skills and steel his spirit. As his strength and confidence grew, JJ knew he wanted to share all he had learned with others. With newfound purpose and a perfect head of hair, our roguish adventurer has set out to train a new age of warriors in the fight against evil – and the unending quest for the world’s most delicious steak patties.

JJ Oddone

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