Kim Praitano

Certified Trainer

Certified Trainer (Yellow Belt) and Level 5 Student through Krav Maga Worldwide™.

Kim Praitano has been training Krav Maga under Randall Koch since 2013 currently as a Level 5 student, and is a certified Krav Maga Trainer for Yellow Belt through Krav Maga Worldwide. Kim is a former body builder and has always been interested in martial arts. As a former police officer, she was trained in criminal restraint techniques and always wanted to immerse herself in self-defense. Krav Maga was a perfect fit.

Kim will continue to pursuit further teaching certifications. She loves to train to be a better fighter, and encourages others to empower themselves by learning Krav Maga.

Kim’s full-time occupation is the President & CEO of a major South Florida nonprofit serving people affected by cancer. Kim holds Masters degrees in Social Work and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and Post-Graduate Certificates from Harvard University.