Round Kick – Base Foot Positioning

Correctly positioning the foot that’s on the ground, or the base foot, is one of the most important details for beginners to focus on when first learning the Round Kick. This video explains what the correct base foot positioning is. It shows you when you do it correctly how you will end up hitting with the correct part of the leg and will get more power.


“Hello, this is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. In this video I’m going to discuss how to position your base foot, or the foot that’s on the ground, in the correct position while you’re doing the round kick.

All right. This is what I’m talking about is, the biggest beginner mistake is I see when students first learn the round kick is that they tend to stand too far in front of their target and then end up kicking with their toes, like this. The reason why this happens is because this foot that’s on the ground, the base foot, is not positioned properly.

Now what I did is, let’s say this is the target that we are kicking right here, it’s pointing off in this direction. What I’m doing is I’m drawing a line from that target. So perpendicular from the target and that’s why I put this piece of black tape on the ground right here to simulate that. What you want to do when you practice is you want to draw this imaginary line in relation to your target. Now what you want to do is when you take your base foot, you want to turn it sideways or perpendicular to this line. So see how my foot is positioned like this. If I were to kick with my left leg, I would turn it in this position. Now I’m going to go back to the other side here. Here’s the thing is once I position that, at the very minimum, this foot has to be in the middle of the line, or even better if you want more power and follow through, it needs to be pass the line in this direction. When you do this, what’s going to happen is you’re going to tend to hit with your shin bone and get more follow-through and power. Whereas if you position your foot too far in front of the line, that’s when you start kicking with your toes. You start hurting your toes, hurting your ankles. So once again, think about that line. Put your foot on that line, or even better, put it off to the side and then keep the knee bent, keep the foot turned sideways, and you’ll be able to slam your shin bone in there a lot better.

Another mistake beginners make is they position their base foot on the line but their foot is turned too far forward. So notice how my toes are kind of turned at an angle. When you do this, you can still do the round kick but you won’t have as much power because you’re not turning your hips and twisting them over. If you turn that foot completely sideways, keep your knee bent, it’s going to force you to roll these hips over and you’ll get a lot more power in the long run. So watch how I position my foot. Completely sideways on the line or past it and ‘bam’ like that. If I was doing it on the other side it would look like this. Either on the line or slightly past it. ‘Bam’. Either on the line or slightly past it.

So in my opinion this is the most important thing to focus on, especially if you’re a beginner, is to make sure you position your base foot properly. Make sure it’s on the line or pass it. Also, make sure that the foot is completely turned sideways on that line. Like that, or like that. If you do that, putting your base foot in the proper position, it tends to fix a lot of the other problems that tend to happen with the round kick.

So anyways. Buckle down on your correct base foot positioning and it’s going to fix a lot of problems. All right. Thanks for watching!”

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