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Elbow #3 – Horizontal Elbow Strike Backward Defensive Component

The most neglected aspect of the Horizontal Elbow Strike Backward (Elbow #3) is the defensive components to the strike. This video explains what the defensive components are. In addition, it shows how this correlates to the “Knockout Game” and how it protects you from various choke attempts. Finally, it teaches two variations of these defensive components for taller students who…

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Elbow #2 – Sideways Elbow Strike How to Get Power

The biggest problem with the Sideways Elbow (Elbow #2) is generating sufficient power. This video demonstrates two details to get more power. It also explains two common errors that some students do to try get more power and why tactically you should avoid them. Transcript: “Hey guys. This is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. In this video I’m going to discuss how…

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Defensive Back Kick with a Spin (Jab Set Up)

After a student learns the Defensive Back Kick with a Spin, they have trouble integrating it in their sparring sessions. This video shows an easy to learn but effective way of using the jab to set up this kick.Transcript: Hi, this is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com and in this video we’re going to cover how to use the jab as a…

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Defense Against Straight Punch (Covering)

Krav Maga Video Defense Against Straight Punch Covering  A common complaint from Krav Maga students when they first start sparring is they have trouble making their inside defenses work against their sparring partner’s straight punches. This video explains why inside defenses don’t always work when you’re sparring. It shows examples of when and when not to use this defense. When…

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360 Degree Defenses with Counterattack Progressive Training Drills

Adding counterattacks to 360 Degree Defenses is a challenge to a new Level 2 student’s coordination. This video demonstrates progressive training drills to gradually build up the speed on these defenses/counterattacks without sacrificing proper technique.Transcript: “Hello, this is Randall and Glenda with KravMagaTraining.com. In this video I’m going to discuss some progressive training drills that you can use if you’re…

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360 Degree Defenses (Outside Defenses) Proper Hand Position

This video shows in detail the proper hand position for all the 360 Degree Defenses (Outside Defenses). Also, it explains several reasons why a proper hand position is important for these defenses. Finally, it shows two drills you can use to improve your hand position while practicing these defenses.Transcript: “Hello, this is Randall and Glenda with KravMagaTraining.com. And with this…

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Arm Bar From Guard (Using Your Legs Properly)

When students first learn the Arm Bar From Guard, the trouble they have the most with is using their legs properly while executing the technique. This video will show you how to use both legs properly in order to get the correct angle to apply the arm bar, as well as how to use your legs to maintain and finish…

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