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Why Krav Maga is Perfect for Seniors

Personal safety. Health and fitness. Confidence. Community.

No one wants to feel helpless – no matter their gender, their age, or what city they live in.

Feeling safe and being able to protect yourself and the people you care about is a life skill that is needed more and more in today’s world. Unfortunately, the discussion about self-defense rarely focuses on senior citizens.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 senior citizens will experience some form of abuse or violence, including physical assault and sexual abuse. This terrifying statistic is one of the reasons why Krav Maga Worldwide offers Krav Maga for seniors. Our classes will help you protect yourself and feel better both physically and emotionally.

Practical Self-Defense That’s Easy to Learn & Retain

When most people think about learning self-defense, they assume that they’ll need to learn all kinds of complex stances and advanced fighting techniques. Part of this misconception comes from the very real difference between a martial art — like Karate or Kung Fu — and simple self-defense techniques.

A martial art is a form of combat training designed for individuals who are expecting conflict. Self-defense, on the other hand, is a discipline that is intended for everyday people who want to protect themselves and stop an altercation as quickly as possible. Krav Maga is a system of self-defense, and it’s designed to save lives.

At its core, Krav Maga is a practical self-defense system that gets you out of a hostile situation quickly while minimizing any possible risks to yourself. Age and physical ability will never be a barrier for someone who wants to learn this discipline, which is why Krav Maga for seniors is an effective choice for self-defense.

Self-Defense That’s Not Dependent on Size or Strength

Krav Maga is all about learning to use every advantage you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re being confronted by someone of greater size or strength. We teach life-saving techniques that anyone can master, and these techniques can be adapted to accommodate people with disabilities and mobility issues. As long as you have a willingness to learn, you can master the fundamentals of Krav Maga.

Avoid Being Targeted

From email scams and mail fraud to physical abuse from bullies and predators, senior citizens are targeted by threats from every angle imaginable. These individuals who target seniors see them as someone to be preyed upon. They have zero respect for senior citizens because they don’t believe that they can defend themselves.

When you pursue Krav Maga for seniors as a form of self-defense, you’re learning how to defend, defuse, disarm, and deter these potential aggressors. As part of your training, you’ll learn not just about the physical aspects of self-defense, but also the mental and emotional aspects of how to handle an assailant. After going through Krav Maga training, you’ll understand how to recognize a threat faster, how to assess a situation quickly, and how to respond safely.

Krav Maga Worldwide training will help you develop skills that are based on instinctive movements. The holds, throws, and blows that you’ll use to defend yourself are simple movements that are efficient and practical. You and your instructor will practice techniques that work for your unique fitness level, so you can be confident that you’ll learn skills that maximize your capabilities.

All that training and instruction will help you feel calmer and more capable of handling a physical altercation. You’ll also be more confident and less likely to miss obvious signs that another person or group is out to harm you. This added confidence and awareness will make you a more difficult target.

Learn to Be More Aware of Your Surroundings

Since we’ve already established that seniors are often targeted, it’s important for you to be especially aware of your surroundings as you get older. Unlike other self-defense disciplines, Krav Maga places an emphasis on situational awareness. You’ll learn how to assess potential threats ahead of time and remove yourself from dangerous situations before controtations arise.

With the skills you learn at Krav Maga Worldwide, you’ll be more aware of your surroundings at all times and better able to make split-second decisions that can save your life.

Physical & Emotional Health Benefits

Students of Krav Maga soon find themselves feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally. The routine of going to a gym, getting a great workout, and working with your instructor does more than just train you in self-defense. Enrolling in Krav Maga for seniors will increase your overall physical fitness, including your:

  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Mobility

Krav Maga will also have a positive impact on your mental and emotional health. It will provide you with:

  • A boost in confidence and self-image as you feel yourself getting stronger and more mobile
  • Positive interactions with trainers and fellow students who want you to succeed
  • Satisfaction when you reach your goals

The health benefits of Krav Maga for seniors are much greater than a simple gym membership. Moreover, the mental and emotional improvements are going to be better than any weekly social visits. Being a student of Krav Maga gives you physical health and mental wellbeing. Add the support of your trainers and the feeling of belonging as you learn with your fellow students, and you get an unbeatable experience.

Experienced Instructors

Classes for this self-defense discipline need to be taught by certified instructors. Before you consider a location, spend some time researching the staff’s credentials. Once you find a location with a good staff and a gym environment that you feel comfortable in, you can truly start to improve yourself.

Krav Maga Worldwide Is the Best Choice for Seniors

Certified instructors are essential for effective Krav Maga for seniors. Qualified and experienced instructors will know how to gauge a senior citizen’s limitations and how to best teach Krav Maga in a way that will maximize the student’s abilities. These trainers will help you improve your physical fitness, but they won’t force you to go through the same training as someone half your age. Certified instructors are trained to assess you as an individual, to get to know you personally, and to come up with a training plan that helps you establish and work toward realistic goals.

We offer the highest quality Krav Maga and Reality Based Self-Defense instruction

With top-rated facility, certified coaches, and over 20 years of experience teaching seniors, Krav Maga Worldwide in Pompano Beach is the clear choice for anyone – regardless of age, gender, location or physical handicap – who wants to learn the safest, most practical way to defend themselves.