Many police officers believe that they don’t need to learn self-defense because they can rely on their firearms, pepper spray or Tasers if attacked. Any police officer who believes this is overlooking two critical points: 1) most of the time attacks are so sudden that you don’t have time or space to respond with a weapon, and 2) there is always a chance that the weapon malfunctions or does not perform as advertised. We recently found some three shocking police video clips in which police officers are caught totally off guard, or their weapons malfunction, and we compiled them into one video so you can see how unpredictable their world truly is. The incidences are violent and may not be suitable for children. 
Additional notes from our Krav Maga school’s perspective:

We applaud the Gracie Combatives system for presenting this important information and video. We highly respect Gracie Jiu-Jitsu since our Krav Maga school’s staff also cross-trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The video was a very creative way of presenting solutions to the scenarios each officer faced. We also thought this presentation was important for our own Krav Maga program since almost half our current student body are law enforcement officers.

After watching the video our Krav Maga school’s staff had the following observations:

  • Every scenario/solution that the Gracie Combatives system presented you can also find the same scenario (although some include different solutions) in the Krav Maga Worldwide curriculum that is taught at our school.
  • In Case 1…a solution was not presented for retaining your firearm or defending against a handgun when threatened and attacked with it. We found this strange since this was an extremely dangerous problem for the officer. An important portion of the Krav Maga Worldwide curriculum is devoted to handgun defenses.
  • Many of the Gracie Combatives’ solutions involve a takedown to continue the fight. Even with a high level of skill and athleticism, completing a successful takedown or grappling on the ground with a much larger opponent can be very difficult (in Case 1 the attacker weighed 100 lbs. more than the officer). An important training principle in Krav Maga is that the techniques have to be accessible to the average person, not just athletes.
  • The Gracie Combatives’ solutions go from a takedown to a dominant position on the ground to continue the fight. This can possibly make your positioning in a fight worse if the attacker can deploy a hidden edged weapon such as a knife from his clothing. In addition, there is the potential problem of multiple attackers when fighting on the ground. Even with a high level of groundfighting skills you are at a distinct disadvantage if you have to use them against more than one opponent. Some of the cases involved other people/by-standers trying to help out. However, those same people could have also been the attacker’s friends jumping it to help fight the officer. If this was the case then, from a Krav Maga perspective, being on your feet with more freedom to move would be a better position to continue fighting and gives you the option to run for safety.


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