Gun from the Front – “Cupping” Technique (Two Hands) – Redirect to Control Transition

This video addresses the most common mistake (redirect to control transition) students make when first learning this gun defense. This video explains what the mistake is and the key technical points on how to avoid it.


“Hello, this is Randall and Glenda with KravMagaTraining.com. In this video I’m going to go over the two hand cupping defense for the gun threat, handgun threat from the front. And specifically, I’m going to focus on the transition from redirecting to the control point.

This is what I’m talking about here is, when Glenda points the gun, you can see the line of fire is on my chest. You can actually see a little red dot here. All right. So first off, I have to get the line of fire off me and I do that by doing two things, as we already know. Which is bring the hand up. Bring the gun directly off to the side, and simultaneously, blading my body. When I do both at the same time, the line of fire goes off of me. As I’m doing that, this hand slides up staying close to my body to keep it out of the line of fire. Do not waive it in front like this. Very dangerous.

Now here’s the part that people really mess up, that happens a lot is, they’re so happy that they got the line of fire off of them that they get sloppy about getting to the two hand cupping technique and they do this. You can see how they waive their hand in front to get to this position. Which is, obviously, very, very unsafe because you can possibly get your hand blown off.

So here’s the key to this is, once you get to this position right here, think of your arm is a path. You want this hand to go underneath your arm like this. When you do that it keeps your hand off the, out of the line of fire. So here’s the thing is I get to this spot, as I roll my hand and turn my knuckles towards her, I’m simultaneously reaching underneath and getting my second hand on. And I’m also starting my first advance step, to not only get close enough so I can get two hands on the weapon, but also to load up my front kick to the groin and to get into a good fighting stance for further combatives and for my takeaway.

So once again, avoid this. I see it a lot. It drives me nuts. I even tell students, like don’t do this. It’s the most common beginner mistake. I’m not shitting you. Half the class is doing this crap. Seriously, it pisses me off. Even though I tell people do it. So remember, the key to this is, once you get to here, as you roll the hand, go underneath. Follow your arm. Follow the path as you take your advance step. ‘Boom’, and you’re good to go.

This works whether I’m going to the live side, which I just demonstrated, or if I went to the dead side. If I go here, it’s the same thing. This hand goes underneath as I’m rolling my knuckles down here. Goes here like this. Much safer to get to two hands there.

So that’s really, that’s all I’m focusing on in this video. It seems really simple. Everybody thinks ‘Oh, I don’t ever do that’. You would be surprised how many people do it. They just don’t realize it. A really good thing is, the person who’s pretending to be the bad guy, who’s holding the gun, they should keep an eye on you to make sure that you’re avoiding this mistake. You know. Say ‘Hey, do me a favor. If you catch me waving my hand in front of the muzzle let me know.’

So like I said, follow the path. Get to two hands properly. Avoid that really common mistake and your defense will be a lot better. So like I said, a lot of people don’t realize they’re making this mistake. They just do it. So you need to be aware of this. It’s, I really think it’s the most common mistake with this two hand cupping technique.

Anyways. Thanks for watching. Make sure you avoid that mistake. Thanks.”

“The over-arching principle in Krav Maga’s defenses against handgun threats is this: Once you are out of the line of fire, do not go back in.”