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Hook Punch – Lead Foot Pivot

The most common mistake beginners make when first learning the hook punch is not pivoting properly on the foot when throwing this punch with the lead hand. This video will show you in detail how to pivot correctly to maximize your power with this punch.


“Hey, what’s up everyone? This is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. In this video I’m going to discuss the hook punch and, specifically, I’m going to focus on to make sure that you pivot with the lead foot properly when you’re throwing the lead hook punch. When I teach new Level 2 students, which is the level that we teach our students the hook punch, I’ve found they have the biggest problem hitting with the lead hand. And a lot of it is because they’re not pivoting properly with the lead foot. So I want to isolate that particular aspect of the hook punch on this video.

Now this is what I’m talking about is most beginners when they throw the hook punch they don’t have too much problems with the rear hand and pivoting properly with the back foot because, really, the pivot with the back foot is just the same as when we throw the cross, which everyone learns in Level 1. However, when they start doing it with the lead hand, in this case my left hand, this foot tends to stay flat like this, or they tend to do kind of a half-ass pivot. And the problem is, especially when you’re very close to your opponent, if you want to get any power in the hook punch, I have to get a really good pivot with that lead foot.

Let me emphasize what that is. What I want to do is when I throw my hook punches, I want to get up on the ball of my foot and pivot on it until it’s turned sideways. On impact my toes are turned sideways like that. So watch as I throw the hook, ‘boom’, right there on impact. When you do that it forces you to twist your hips into the punch. It shifts your weight into the punch. You get more power.

Now let me give you guys a few key points that will help you with this. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to go towards the camera. Okay. The first thing is, what I would suggest that helps is, you need to shift your weight off the lead foot over to your back foot. If you don’t it’s kind of hard to pivot on this foot when there’s a lot of weight on it. So watch how my weight subtly shifts from this leg over to this leg. That’s all it is. Very subtle. When I do this, now my lead foot is light. When it’s light, now I can get up on the ball of my foot, turn my knee in, and pivot on it. You try to keep your weight on it, it’s too difficult. So notice the weight shift, once I shift my weight, then I pivot my foot. And I do this as I’m throwing the hook. Like that. And ideally, you want to do the two steps together. So as I’m shifting my weight, I’m already initiating the pivot on my foot. I’m already initiating the hook punch. So my elbow raises as my weight shifts over to this leg. I’m already starting to pivot with my lead foot and ‘boom’. Right on impact my foot is turned sideways like that. So if I do it from this angle, notice how my weight shifts over to this leg, and there’s the pivot. Just like that.

It’s a very small detail but extremely important. Like I said, especially if you want to get any power on the lead hook punch. It’s not as big of an issue from when you’re throwing it from long distance. But when you are in very close, you really got to get that pivot in to be able to maximize your power.

Anyways. Small detail but extremely important when you’re throwing the lead hook. So I hope that helps. Make sure you get a good clean pivot on that lead foot. All right guys. Thanks for watching.”

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