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How To Wrap Your Hands

This video will be helpful to our new students who need help remembering how to wrap their hands before class.


“Hello, it’s Glenda with Krav Maga Training. Show you guys how to wrap your hands today.

First unroll our hand wraps. I’m going to put the loop on my left thumb. And I think it’s all about me. That’s how I remember. So I’m going to come towards myself, three times around my wrist area. It’s moderately tight. I’m going to come three times around my knuckles. All overlap slightly each time. Then I’m going to hold it up away for myself like a big stop sign. Pull it down nice and tight. We’re going to go around the base of the thumb and through my pinky. The base of the thumb and the next finger. The base of the thumb and the next one. Now we’ll go around the base of the thumb but just make a sharp angle up to your pinky. Around behind and then cross it down for an ‘X’. And if we bring it all the way down to where we started it tends to stay on a little bit better. Then I’m just going to finish up what I have on my wrist but I’m going to move it back and forth so it’s not bulked up in all one spot. I landed the right way. So all I’m going to do is velcro it. Sometimes things get reversed so we land the wrong way so all we need to do then is twist it once and will still be able to grab the velcro. If your fingers aren’t turning blue that’s good. If they are take it off and loosen it up a little bit.

You’ll get the hang of it in no time. All right. How to wrap your hands. Thank you.”

“Beginner Tip: Wrapping hands is just like everything else. The more you practice the better and faster you will get at it.”

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