Wrist Release – One Wrist Held by Two Hands – Low Mistakes to Avoid

This video addresses four common mistakes while doing this particular wrist release and why they are important to avoid. Especially, when you attempt this escape on a stronger attacker.


“Hello, this is the beautiful Glenda. I’m just Randall. KravMagaTraining.com. What we’re going to discuss with this particular video is common mistakes to avoid when someone is grabbing you with two hands on one wrist down low.

So here’s the first mistake that I want you guys to avoid is this. Glenda grabs me. A real common mistake is not making sure that your thumb is turned up because you want the thin part of your wrist lined up with their thumbs. We’re going to turn it over like this just so you guys can see the angle. If her thumbs are pointed in this direction, notice how my thumb is turned in that same direction. This is really important because when I grab and pull the thin part of my wrist will slide out between her thumbs a lot easier and it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on my wrist. A common beginner mistake is this, in that, when she’s doing this, I’ll have my hand turned like this and there’s a couple of problems when you do this. One is when you grab your own hand to escape, notice how it’s bending, it’s like bending my wrist back and it puts a lot of pressure, it makes it uncomfortable. That’s no good. The other problem is my wrist is a lot wider and fatter at this angle which means it’s a lot harder for me to slide my hand out through that gap on her thumbs. If I turn it like this and line it up properly it eliminates the wrist pressure and it slides out a lot easier. So that’s the first common mistake to avoid is to make sure the thin part of your wrist is lined up with your attacker’s thumbs.

The next thing that you want to avoid is make sure that you put the correct foot behind you. Okay. I know the camera is kind of cutting us off but you’ll be able to figure this out, in that, if she is grabbing my right hand I want to put my left foot back. The reason why I like to do this is because when I pull I can twist my hips a lot easier. Whereas, if I have the other wrong side back I can’t twist as easily. The reason why the twisting is important is because it gives you a lot more power. We’ll pretend that Glenda is way bigger and stronger than me, and if that’s the case, especially if she’s grabbing with two hands, using two arms, it’s really important for me, I can’t just use my two arms as well if I’m not as big as her. I need to cheat and use my entire body, and I do that by twisting my hips. So as long as I have my correct foot back I can twist a lot easier. So that’s the second mistake that’s common that you want to avoid.

The third one is this. Make sure that when you do the release to go across your body. Not only is it easier for you to twist your hips but you’re less likely to hit yourself in the head and you will get more power. I know this seems silly but if you’re not careful and you just pull straight up, you can actually hit yourself in the head. Well a lot of, most beginners don’t do that but a lot of them will do this, in that, they will try to pull it over to the same side and the reason why I don’t like this is, once again, it doesn’t facilitate your ability to twist your body. So once again, let’s pretend Glenda is super strong. If I just go straight up, we’re just going arm strength to arm strength and if she’s bigger than me that’s not going to work. I need to go across my body which means if she’s grabbing my right hand I pull it over to my left shoulder. Across. When I do this now I can rotate my body a lot easier. So that’s the third thing that you want to make sure that you’re doing properly.

And the fourth thing is, once you get all those little tricks down, don’t be so overzealous that you do this. Notice that I’m twisting, yeah, twisting so far that I’m actually turning too far and exposing my back. Making myself more vulnerable to be attacked or not be able to protect myself as well. So it’s okay to pull across your body and to twist your hips but you should only do it approximately 90 degrees. What I mean by that is, right now, we’re lined up. When I do the escape this is as far as I go. Turned sideways to her. Like this because that way it allows me to rotate back into a proper position so I can protect myself, like my tactical stance. Don’t do this. No good. Your partner should not see your back. So just 90 degrees. Do it sharply and then notice that I can immediately go back to my tactical stance. Whereas, if I go too far, that took a little bit longer, and longer is no good.

So those are the four common mistakes I see beginners make when they do this particular escape. Be sure to avoid them. So before we finish the video just a quick review on it again. First one, make sure your thumb, the thin part of your wrist is lined up. Second, make sure that when you do this pull across your body over to your opposite shoulder like this. And also, the third thing is twist your hips. Especially if your attacker is bigger and stronger than you, you are going to have to twist your body. If we are about the same size or if I’m stronger it won’t be important but most bad guys tend to attack people that are weaker and smaller than them. So we better start learning how to twist our hips. And the fourth thing is, of course, don’t turn too far once you get the technique down. Only turn 90 degrees so you can immediately go back to a position to protect yourself, like a tactical stance, or even a fighting stance if the situation gets really heated.

So those are my tips. Make sure that you implement those when you’re doing this particular escape and it will make a big difference.”

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