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Wrist Release: Same Side Hand – Elbow to Elbow – Elbow Position Details

The most common beginner mistake with this Wrist Release is not using the elbow properly. This video explains two details to using your elbow properly and why it’s important if you want the release to work on someone who is larger and stronger than you.


“Hi. This is Randall. This is Glenda. We’re with KravMagaTraining.com. And in this video we’re going to discuss one of the wrist releases where they’re grabbing on the same side, and specifically, making sure that we use our elbow properly to get out of it.

And this is what I mean is, let’s pretend Glenda is now the bad guy. She grabs my wrist on the same side. This is the proper technique and, of course, we back up into our tactical stance. But let me explain a few little common beginner mistakes to avoid. So when you’re training make sure to avoid these things.

Here’s the first thing is that, when she grabs me, most people, they’ll just pull the hand towards them like this. Which is fine if you’re the same size as your partner, or in this case, I’m a little bit bigger than Glenda. But the problem is, let’s pretend that she is bigger and stronger than I am. If I just pull like this, I’m just using my bicep strength and try to pull away and it doesn’t work as well. I’m only using pulling strength. So it’s really important to remember to put your elbow in the right position, in that, think about you’re throwing an elbow strike like this. So your elbow is going to go forward but your hand pulls back towards you at the same time. This allows you to get the pull and push benefit of going both directions. Like this. So Glenda is grabbing really strong. Notice how my hand still pulls towards me but the elbow pushes like this and, of course, I back up in your tactical stance. So that’s a common mistake to avoid. It’s not just pulling but adding that elbow push.

Here’s the next problem that comes up occasionally is that Glenda grabs me, people are like ‘Okay, yeah, I’m going to start pushing that elbow forward’. But when they do it, notice how it’s not breaking her grip and this is the reason why. My elbow is in the wrong spot. Yes, I’m pushing it forward but my elbow is not supposed to go on the side of her forearm, or even worse, underneath. It’s supposed to go over the top like this. And this is the reason why, is when my elbow goes over the top of her forearm, you’ll see that my forearm is going to put a lot of pressure on her thumb, which is the weak spot of her grip. So when I do it slowly and I drive my elbow forward, as long as it goes over the top, see how it’s putting that pressure over the thumb. So like I said before, don’t go underneath. Look how she can still hold on to it. Or like this. She’s being real stubborn and it won’t work. Go over the top of the forearm, put that pressure on the thumb, and you can see that I can actually follow through and clear it right over.

All right. So those are the two common mistakes that you want to avoid. Make sure, first of all, don’t just pull your hand like this. It will work if we are the same size. But if she, let’s pretend that she’s deadly strong, it won’t work as well. Make sure that you use your elbow forward. But don’t go underneath. Second mistake, make sure that you go over the top.

When I do both those things, this technique will work on someone who’s larger and stronger than me. And that’s the whole point. We don’t want these techniques to just work on people are own size because most bad guys are going to attack people that they think are smaller and weaker than them. We want to make sure that these techniques work on people who are bigger and stronger than us.

So remember those two things and you’ll find this particular wrist release will be a lot more effective.

Thanks for watching.”

“Whether you are big or small, male or female, young or old, you can use Krav Maga to protect yourself.”