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Wrist Release – Two Hands Held Down from the Front – Circle Up – Using Attacker’s Momentum Variation

In this situation, the “circle up” escape works on most people. However, if your attacker is much bigger and stronger than you, you will need to use your attacker’s momentum to make this wrist release work. This video explains how to use your attacker’s momentum by using one simple trick.


“Hi, this is Randall and Glenda with KravMagaTraining.com. In this scenario we’re dealing with a wrist release when your attacker is grabbing both your wrists down low and you’re supposed to circle up to escape it. However, what we’re going to address is what if the person is much bigger and stronger than you.

So, here’s the scenario. Glenda grabs both my wrists down low and lets just pretend she’s a 300 pound ogre. She’s twice as big as me, and when I try to do the escape, I can’t frickin’ get my arms, they won’t budge. And, come on, this is going to happen sometimes. If someone is much bigger and stronger than you, this is going to happen.

So here’s the trick is, what I’m going to do is instead of bringing my hands together and bring them up and going for the escape, I’m going to intentionally go the wrong direction. And what I mean by that is, I’m supposed to initially bring my hands together and circle them up. I’ll intentionally move my hands out in the wrong direction. So I’m actually going to circle in the wrong direction. The reason why is that the attacker’s natural response is to resist that. So her response is to start pressing back in and what I’ll do is use that momentum against her to get out of it. So I will pull apart. When I feel her pushing back my hands together, hey, look at that. I’m using her momentum of pushing in to facilitate the circle up and to escape.

So one more time. She grabs me. Maybe the regular escape isn’t working. I can’t circle my hands up. I’ll press out first. I feel her pressing in. When I feel that, I circle up, tactical stance. Simple as that. One more time. Intentionally go the wrong way. I feel that resistance. Use their momentum against them. And of course, always end up in a good tactical stance to talk your way out of the situation and protect yourself.

So that’s my little trick on how to make this particular escape work on much larger and stronger people than you. So try it out. You’ll be surprised on how easy it works.

Thanks for watching!”

“This variation also works for Wrist Release: Two Hands Held High from the Front – (Circle Down). More videos available on our YouTube channel!”