Wrist Release – Two Hands Held High from the Front – Circle Down – Remember the Tactical Stance

Once you “circle down” to escape this wrist grab, it leaves you with your hands down and vulnerable to a potential secondary attack from the assailant. This video reminds you of the importance of finishing every type of wrist release in a Tactical Stance so you’re better prepared to protect yourself in case the situation escalates. This video demonstrates a simple, but effective drill you can implement on your training partner if you catch them not finishing their wrist releases in a Tactical Stance.


“Hey, everyone! This is Randall, Glenda, KravMagaTraining.com. In this video, we’re going to discuss the wrist release where the attacker is grabbing both your wrists up high. Because maybe your hands are already fighting or you’re talking your way out of the situation. They grab you from there and you circle down.

But the funny thing is, I’m not actually even going to talk about the details to, of that release because I found most of the students don’t have any problems with it. However, the one thing that I see students make a really common mistake in is that they don’t finish consistently in a Tactical Stance after they get out of it.

So this is what I mean is, Glenda grabs my wrists. A lot of students are so focused on getting out with this little technique. Once they get out of it, they sit here like a dummy with their hands down and you can see, ‘whoa’, yeah, you can see the potential problems here. What if Glenda decides to get more aggressive with me. I’m very vulnerable to getting hit, or choked, or whatever.

Now, in the demonstration that we did where we’re acting like clowns here, I’m being a drunk fool. Yeah, sometimes people will just backup. But it’s very important that people won’t always do that. They might get pissed off. For example, let’s say if I was the bad guy again and I grab Glenda. Before I was just a drunk slob. She gets out of it and I walked away like an idiot. But some guys aren’t going to necessarily respond like that. They might get pissed off. So she gets out of it. ‘Oh, you fucking bitch!’ And then, yeah, she better have her hands up because she doesn’t know what might happen. You’re not going to know how that attacker is going to respond after you get out of it. So play it safe. Get your hands up in your Tactical Stance. Back up. Get some space. And in that way you are prepared in case the situation were to escalate.

Now, if you’re not familiar with my Tactical Stance, the Krav Maga Tactical Stance, check out my other video that I made on that. It covers all the little details and nuances to that. It’s an excellent video.

But anyways. Make sure that you do this consistently. And here’s the thing: If you and your training partner are practicing and you’re the training partner, do your partner a favor and pretend to sucker punch them or attack them if they forget the tactical stance. So this is what I mean is, I’m playing the defender. I get a little sloppy and I do this. Exactly! That’s what you should be doing to remind your partner, ‘oh, yeah!. I better finish in my tactical stance, get sufficient space, in case it does escalate.’

Now, this Tactical Stance, this ending, it should be applied to ALL your wrists grab releases. Not just this one but all of them. All right. However, the reason why I chose this particular technique is because out of all the wrist releases this is the one where you’re the most vulnerable. So watch this. If she grabs me and I get out of it, out of all the wrist grab releases, I’m ending with my hands down! I’m not protecting myself at all. So out of all the ones, this one is really important. Hands up. Good tactical stance. So, really, really make sure you are doing that.

And be consistent with it. Because, remember, how you train is how you’re probably going to perform if it ever happens for real. And if you train with poor habits and mistakes, there’s a good chance you’re going to make those same mistakes in a bad situation. Let’s make all our mistakes in the classroom, not out on the streets. Let’s get everything down tight. Make sure you’re doing it properly. Because I don’t want any bad habits to carry over into any possible real situation.

Anyways. I’m done ranting and bitching. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video.”

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