Wrist Release – One Wrist Held by Two Hands – Low Mistakes to Avoid

This video addresses four common mistakes while doing this particular wrist release and why they are important to avoid. Especially, when you attempt this escape on a stronger attacker. Transcript: “Hello, this is the beautiful Glenda. I’m just Randall. KravMagaTraining.com. What we’re going to discuss with this particular video is common mistakes to avoid when someone is grabbing you with…

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Wrist Release – Two Hands Held High from the Front – Circle Down – Remember the Tactical Stance

Once you “circle down” to escape this wrist grab, it leaves you with your hands down and vulnerable to a potential secondary attack from the assailant. This video reminds you of the importance of finishing every type of wrist release in a Tactical Stance so you’re better prepared to protect yourself in case the situation escalates. This video demonstrates a…

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Wrist Release – Two Hands Held Down from the Front – Circle Up – Using Attacker’s Momentum Variation

In this situation, the “circle up” escape works on most people. However, if your attacker is much bigger and stronger than you, you will need to use your attacker’s momentum to make this wrist release work. This video explains how to use your attacker’s momentum by using one simple trick. Transcript: “Hi, this is Randall and Glenda with KravMagaTraining.com. In…

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Wrist Release: Same Side Hand – Elbow to Elbow – Elbow Position Details

The most common beginner mistake with this Wrist Release is not using the elbow properly. This video explains two details to using your elbow properly and why it’s important if you want the release to work on someone who is larger and stronger than you. Transcript: “Hi. This is Randall. This is Glenda. We’re with KravMagaTraining.com. And in this video…

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Switch Kicks – Reason and Training Tips for the Kick

This video covers the following: 1. Reasons why Switch Kicks are taught in Krav Maga. 2. How Switch Kicks compare to similar movements with boxing or punching. 3. Training and sparring tips for Switch Kicks. Transcript: “This is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. In this video we’re going to cover some, a few tips to help you out with your switch kicks.…

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Superman Punch – How to Perform and Why

The “Superman” Punch is not part of the Krav Maga curriculum but we do teach it in our Fight classes because it’s a useful technique to use in sparring. This video teaches you how to perform the Superman Punch and the common mistakes to avoid. It also will show you how to set it up and when to use it…

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Straight Punch with Retreat Step Hand and Foot – Timing

One of the more challenging Level 1 combatives to learn is the Straight Punch with Retreat Step. The most difficult component to this punch is having proper timing with the feet and hands. This video explains the details to proper timing and training tips to help perform the timing correctly. Transcript: “This is Randall with KravMagaTraining.com. And in this video…

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